5 reasons you need professional profile photos


Headshots (a photograph of a person's face or head and shoulders) have become an indispensable part of our lives.

Whether it be on Linked In, Whatsapp, Instagram or your website, putting a face to your name has been incredibly important for several years due to the digital world we live in.

However, a great profile photo has never been more necessary than it is today. Many of us work and meet clients remotely and we don't always have the opportunity to make an in person first impression. The little icon on your Zoom or Teams profile is the only thing representing you in a sea of windows and screens.

Find out how professional headshots can serve you.


1. A quality headshot will help you to stand out. It is your best chance to make an instant (and positive) first impression.

2. Headshots help with networking and are a visual reminder of who you are. 

3. You can showcase your unique personality. There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to headshots and my job is to help you convey both your brand and your personality through your photos.

4. Headshots humanise your business and give clients an idea of what it will be like working with you. Your headshot is like the logo of your personal brand.

5. A great quality headshot demonstrates your professionalism and will help you feel confident.

Whether you enjoy being photographer or find it daunting,I pride myself in making the process as painless and enjoyable as possible. You will have support and guidance right from what to wear, to how you need to pose. Everyone deserves to have a portrait of themselves that they can be proud of. 

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