Rainbow - Prints and Digitals

Rainbow - Prints and Digitals

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These packages include 3 unique images of each child in the form of prints as well as high res digital files:
  • 1 x Enlargement (5X7) per child 
  • 4 x Jumbo Prints (4X6) per child 
  • 1 x Photo Keyring per child 
  • 1 x Jumbo Photo Magnet per child
  • 1 X Enlargement (5X7) sibling photo*
  • 2 X Jumbo Prints (4X6) sibling photo*
  • 1 X Photo Keyring of sibling photo*
  • 1X Jumbo Photo Magnet of sibling photo*


  • 3 X digital photos of each child 
  • 2X digital sibling photos* 


Please note that the photographer will use their artistic discretion to make the final selections for enlargements, keyrings and magnets.

*For packages with 2 or more children